As a guileless soul Patric couldn't recognize guile in others, which sometimes made him vulnerable to exploitation from more devious people.

We also talked about Patric's modeling, for his young students, a set of values different from the common world: the beauty of music in all its multi-cultured expressions, the joy of creating a community from the shared love of music, the potential for motivating young music students not by intimidating them or shaming them or demanding more from them but by gentle, intimate, caring treatment, which left them admiring him, feeling completely accepted by him, and wishing to please their teacher by doing well, etc.

And while he always hoped his students would perform well one never had the sense that his self-esteem, his ego, depended on it. He had a good sense of boundaries. I'm sure he was disappointed that Ari didn't continue serious study of the sitar, but he never left Ari feeling that he (Ari) was letting him down, so Ari could and did return to Patric periodically to catch a bit more of the good stuff and learn a bit more.