It was so nice to have been introduced to Mr. Marks. I am not a musicologist or a musician; nor do I have any formal musical training, but I do listen to a lot of music. Mr. Marks was the first music teacher I had in my life. He introduced me to music; it was brief but will stay with me for the rest of my life.

He was a master of the healing sounds of the Indian sitar and was an inspiring music teacher. The sound of his music had a natural tendency to be meditative. The power of the Indian raga was in its purity; he introduced a variety of melody. He took me on a spiritual journey, created life in the moment. He was also an educator, and I learned so much about h1dian culture and music through him. He took me on the most rewarding trip ever, through a kind of meditation with his wonderful music and stories. I traveled to India and visualized the beauty and tranquility of Indian classical music.

In the comfort and warmth of a relaxed setting, I started my first music lesson, which for me was like having meditation practice, and experienced higher states of consciousness and deepened my spiritual connection to discover my purpose in life. I have learned, opened my eye of the heart to see the inner metaphysical truths of everything in existence. He transferred his energy and the sense of positivity to me even when he was at the end of his journey. I miss him, as I am sure everyone who knew him will miss him, too. I am sure he is watching over us.