Patric Marks - guru, teacher, sitar genius, friend

Step into India
The Ambassador is in the front room
Surrounded by earthly angels
in wood and in strings
His smile will greet you
From the OM worn on his chest
You will feel welcomed at home
This Guru your guide where
you may not know you are going
The smells of incense and spice
Foods to fill your hunger
Sounds to carry your soul
You will want to get there
and will gladly give sweet sweat
and time tears and joy
For the freedom in structure
passed forth from generations
divine mirrors from above
note notes in your steps
the GAT takes its shape
a place you may prefer
to never leave
but will never be the same
and once in a lifetime
there lived such a soul
and those of us who knew him
know this to be true
somehow hope what he lived
that you too will feel
and color the world - SUM