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Patric was an inspiration as a teacher, mentor, and friend, and I am a better person from having known him. Read more


Nargis Anwar
( Lubna)

Hello! I was searching information about My guruji and found this website!!

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GUL AFSHAN Patric Jee traveled to Milwaukee for me. He told me that I should always tell everyone proudly that Patric Jee travels to do a show and rehearsals with me. He was so professional. Read more
BRIAN DERING Sometime in the spring of 1983 a tall stately, Indian gentleman walked into my little music store and asked if I had a sound system for rent. Read more
KEITH DENEMARK My name is Keith Denemark. I'd like to share a few recollections of Patric. I still recall, on my first lesson, when Patric asked me, "So why you are interested in learning the sitar?" I replied, "I am a big Beatles fan. Read More
SUSAN GILKEY "What I First Learned about Patric Marks" Read more.
JULIE GOLDSTEIN Thirty-five or so years ago, Patric left India for the U.S. with his first wife, Hansa, who was suffering from metastatic breast cancer. They came here for....Read more
MADELEINE Y. GOMEZ This story about Patric reflects his amazing mastery of the sitar. He truly commanded that instrument and his gift to all of us was himself through his artistry and generosity in sharing his world. Read more

TONY KARASEK I had the great pleasure and responsibility of touring with Pandit Ravi Shankar and taking care of his instruments while touring over a four year period. Read more
BOB LUND Here is a story that Patric told me about a year ago: I call it "Nobody Threatens Patric Marks." Read more
GAURAV MAZUMDAR My meeting with Patric goes back to the 90's on my visit to the Chicago area. I remember meeting him the first time and telling myself, 'Strong personality.' Read more
NEELIMA Let me tell you that my sisters, my late parents, and I were very close family friends with parents of Mr. Marks.Read more
ADAM PAPADOLIAS One sunny Saturday morning, after Guru Jee had just splashed the pages with spells of Gujarati for a student from his homeland. Read more
TARA POTTI Some of the best moments were receiving phone calls from Gurujee at the most unexpected moments. . Read more
DEEPA POTTI I remember watching him teaching my mother sitar lessons, and I would watch his fingers glide fret to fret waiting for the sympathetic strings to hum in a burst of resonance. Read more
RICK SCHAFER In 1968 I had attended a concert of Ustad Ghulam Hussain Khan in Lake Forest, IL. I fell in love with his style. I did not know at the time it was Indore Gharana. Read more
KIRTIKER N. THAKER I first saw Mr. Marks perform in 1962 at a fundraiser for Indian Army soldiers and their families. I was II years old and became his fan. Read more
TO MASTERJI We, the Indiana sitar-moms, Retnem Potti, Sarala Unni, Girija Pillay, Ranjan Dave, Shakuntala Sarma, and Maya Sasi, and our families. Read more
AMRUTHA BHAKTHAVATHSALAN "Musings on the Maestro: My Guruji Patric Marks" Read more

like everyone else who met him, we became instant friends. It wasn't just his personality, it was that special inner quality that only great people have. Read more
EILEEN "Breaking Silence" Read more
MADELEINE Y. GOMEZ Patric Marks - guru, teacher, sitar genius, friend Read more
SONNETS FOR THE MASTER "Sonnet for Sunny Saturdays" Read more
SMITA BHATT SMany of life's most valued lessons he imparted during sitar lessons. Read more
SHERI DEWAN I have fond memories of my mandolin lessons at your home in Berwyn. Read more
MARIAM FARJAH Mr. Marks was the first music teacher I had in my life. He introduced me to music; it was brief but will stay with me for the rest of my life. Read more
BOB HERMAN As a guileless soul Patric couldn't recognize guile in others, which sometimes made him vulnerable to exploitation from more devious people. Read more
MANINI MADIA You and Mr. Marks came into my life and brought me joy and acceptance during my darkest hour. Read more
AJAY RIKHI RAM I have some very fond memories of Patric, which I want to share with everyone. Read more
SETHU I am so honored and humbled to have been invited to be a part of this event. Read more
PARAMESWARAN VENUGOPAL Patric was a very strong and courageous man and held on to it to the very end. Read more