Here is a story that Patric told me about a year ago: I call it "Nobody Threatens Patric Marks."

Patric and his young group of musicians were doing gigs around town. They were ready for larger venues and wanted more exposure, like the annual festival "gala" in their own city.

However, getting around the local gangster who rented the open-door stage and seating area was an obstacle. In fact, while we were trying to get a billing on the upcoming event, this gangster threatened Patric harm if he tried to be placed on the list of performers.

Patric let everyone know, especially the gangster, that the upcoming gala would be a "disaster." While spreading his premonition around, Patric also inquired about the specific events on the bill. One event on the roster caught his attention.

As a marketing tool to display its product, a local fabric store was scheduled to parade many lovely young ladies wearing their saris. Along with the accessories of bracelets and jewelry, these ladies were each given a poodle to walk with on the stage.

As the gala began, Patric was sure to have a front seat to see the action and to protect himself from recrimination. Also pre-arranged was a special gesture that would indicate the precise time at which Patric's brother, Donald, would act.

This special gesture was given at the precise moment when all the young ladies and their poodles were on stage together. At that moment, Donald opened the gate of a fence near the festival stage. Anxious to be free from confinement and to explore some very enticing scents were four large dogs. Soon, chaos and pandemonium ensued. The event ended in disaster.

Patric and his music group were well represented in the next year's annual gala festival. "Nobody threatens Patric Marks," he told me.