Sometime in the spring of 1983 a tall stately, Indian gentleman walked into my little music store and asked if I had a sound system for rent. Thus started a relationship that lasted almost 26 years. Patric Marks was that man, and what started as a business relationship soon became a friendship that I have cherished for all these years .

Whether it was the Patric stopping by for a visit with two little dogs in tow--much to the consternation of my cats and my 90 pound Chow Chow that they treated like their puppy. Or Patric patiently teaching his students while I waited to get to the gigue. Or Patric majestically performing his sitar. Or Patric coolly orchestrating a huge program with dozens of amateurs, professionals, and students, always with the deft hand of a juggler, and precision second to none. Or Patric heading out with his beloved Margaret to find a new greenhouse so she could fill their magnificent garden, then stopping by to peel some mangoes for us. Or Patric telling his endless jokes, while the miles rolled by going to the shows. Or Patric offering me sage advice, or blessing our daughter's wedding, or treating me like a son, or my family as his own. Or patiently teaching me sitar,

finally, in my 50's while telling me the secrets of his art and the stories of his life. Or playing his bhajans, or garba, or ragas, or just being my pal.

I have come to realize there will never be another man who so profoundly touched my life. Always carrying on with such limitless happiness, humor, and a joie de vivre second to none. Patric Marks: artist, promoter, teacher, devotee, partner, guru, husband, friend. His like shall ne'er pass this way again.

What a life he shared. What a life he lived. How lucky we are to have known this quiet master of the school of life.