"My Gurujee"

It never fails to amaze me how much magic and music Gurujee brought into my life.

I remember watching him teaching my mother sitar lessons, and I would watch his fingers glide fret to fret waiting for the sympathetic strings to hum in a burst of resonance. He would always smile and simultaneously nod his head as they did so.

Then he would write down the composition in his own exacting fashion, folding the paper into 4 sections for Tin Taal and using different colored markers, having white-out just in case.

This never changed even when I took sitar lessons. Of course, he would always provide a little comic relief or a magic trick, which never failed to delight. I also observed that he always seemed to be in sync with his music and his instruments. Watching him tune made me wonder that he was on some heavenly spiritual realm.

Gurujee was always exposing us to new things: music, art, culture, foods. He was so well rounded. With ease he could talk about his dogs and cats, music and politics, chocolate and ashrams, or koi fish and orchids. In his life, music was his constant, and his love for teaching it was his backbone. Yet his life was so diverse and rich with experience. I will always treasure that I was a small part of Gurujee's life, because what he brought to mine has shaped me.