Patric Jee traveled to Milwaukee for me. He told me that I should always tell everyone proudly that Patric Jee travels to do a show and rehearsals with me. He was so professional. Rehearsal first and dinner later. He would tell me jokes about Muslims, Hindus, and Christians without discrimination or allegations. These were just jokes, and we always laughed so hard and then we would get back to practice.

I called him one day and said that I was all worried about the 10th of January 2009 show since we did not practice for that show even once. He said that I should not worry; he would be there (in Milwaukee) for the show on the 10th of January. He told me that he was in the hospital and he was going to go home in two days. Two days later he was gone forever. He taught me a non-denominational prayer. I start all my shows with that prayer now.