Jason King

Patric was an inspiration as a teacher, mentor, and friend, and I am a better person from having known him. I began taking lessons with Patric when I was 17. It was a unique experience for me - learning such a daunting instrument like the sitar! - but Patric taught learning how to play the sitar an extension of his own personality: in a comfortable, friendly way, and under his learning I found myself enjoying the wonderful instrument of the sitar. He had a passion for music that was seldom paralleled and, in him, I found a beacon of knowledge. I was even fortunate enough to work as his roadie for a short time!

Patric was always easy to find, in any crowd; he managed to draw people around him wherever he went so all one had to do was look for the large crowd! He was truly a larger-than-life figure in so many ways - he certainly had an unmistakeable presence anywhere!

Since having taken sitar lessons with him so many years ago I've become a teacher myself. I can only hope that I can help my students as much as Patric helped me.