In 1968 I had attended a concert of Ustad Ghulam Hussain Khan in Lake Forest, IL. I fell in love with his style. I did not know at the time it was Indore Gharana. Since I was desperately looking for a teacher at that time, I asked him if he would teach me, and he said he would be coming back to Chicago and would be teaching. I was not even old enough to have a driver's license at the time, so I did not know how I would get to him if he did come back. I was living in northwest Indiana. But alas, I never heard from him again, I do not think he made if back to Chicago to teach.

Fast forward 5 years, to 1973, when I attended a concert of a sitarist who had just come to Chicago from India. Again, I felt a strong pull to him and his playing. I learned at that concert his name was Patric Marks and that he had learned from Ustad Ghulam Husain Khan. I approached Patric and was elated to become Patric's first student here in the states.

I remember soon after I became a disciple of his, he gave a recital at my high school (I played tanpura for him.) After the concert we came back to my house and at the time I was also just learning bluegrass mandolin. We walked into my parents' house and he saw the mandolin on the couch and asked, "What is that?" I truly believe he had never seen one before. He proceeded to pick it up and start right into a raga on it. My brother and I were simply amazed. I was lucky enough to be able to study with Patric for about three years.

Now really fast forward ... it has been around 35 years since I have last talked to Patric. I am living on the Western slope of Colorado and there is absolutely no ICM out here. But what I wanted to close with was having read how his new student was so touched by him and wants to practice to please him. It reminded me of myself when I was young and I felt the very same way. Practicing for hours upon hours and wanting to please him. I remember that so well. I still have a photo of Patric in my Indian music room to this day, and though I don't really play anymore, the discipline that he instilled in me at that time has carried over and helped me in every aspect of my life since that time I had spent with him. Though at the time I called him "my sitar teacher," I realize now he was truly my guru. Patric, you are always with me. Thank you.