Ever so wonderful
Built such a foundation in me
Never intend to let that go

Some of the best moments were receiving phone calls from
Gurujee at the most unexpected moments.
It was music to my ears when Gurujee happened
to be in the middle of a lesson calling me for words
to certain bhajans. What did I hear in the background?
Sometimes a keyboard. A mandolinist stromming his notes.
A sitarist working the notes to a tan. Or even just Gurujee, playing his sitar.
What better a way to let His Shishya know that she was most needed, when least expected.

Thara! Gurujee would call my name! I can still hear
His voice calling me with such love, trust, and loyalty.
Never intend to let that go.
Gurujee be stilled creativity in me, the confidence to communicate
with sound in so many unimaginable ways, and the love and passion for the discovery of new things, whether being music, food, books, notes to play on my mandolin, bhajans to sing, or even new instruments to try and master.
N ever intend to let that go.

What exactly does Guru mean? One definition is
“The phenomenon of an enlightened being
empowered to convey awakening or higher consciousness
to others who are worthy is commonly found throughout traditions of religion, mysticism, metaphysics, yoga, and various philosophies.”
Minus the yoga (l.o.l), this is my Gurujee, Sri Patric Marks.
Never intend to let Him go.

~ Written By Tara R. Amin